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The Extra Ordinary Teacher

Dear Mae, thank you for sharing Yoga Teddy Bear from its creation and throughout its ever-evolving growth. Your description of lost knowledge like Sanskrit, proper breathing, and the importance of yoga (as a form of exercise) as well as its teaching's effect on one's daily environment are very important in our on-the-go lives today. There are many kinds of yoga practice; Yoga Teddy Bear brings you and your family the basics in an easy format to share, I’m enjoying coloring and collecting them with my grandchildren. 

-No Ordinary Chick, aromatherapist, artist, chef
"I first came to the Yoga Teddy Bear series through Kristen Copham's wonderful artwork.  The drawings of the character are so embracing and evocative.  But the more time I spend with the books the more the communication of the practice becomes clear to me.  I’m a grownup but the drawings really brought the Yoga poses home.  I have tried practicing Yoga in the past but never really “got” it.  Through these beautiful drawings, I have begun to absorb the practice in a very personal way.  Namaste, kMae!"

     - Marcy Brafman, NYC artist     www.marcybrafman.com  

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"Your books are a big hit with my granddaughter.  Her favorite pose is Tree Pose.  The other day when her mother was admonishing her about something disagreeable, my granddaughter went straight into Tree Pose.  It was her way of dealing with a stressful situation."


-Bella Cloud, healer

​​"I've been reading the Yoga Teddy Bear books.  The drawings are charming, the sanskrit alphabet lends a lovely aesthetic (i.e. color in the letters) and the poses are described with remarkable clarity, supported  by the visual assistance of the drawing.   I know some of the poses, but not all.  I'm amazed when I take classes with different people how one uses certain poses, one uses others.   The endlessness of the body...  The books made me want to try out some of the poses I haven't yet experienced.  A yoga practice seems to really contain the wisdom of the millennia."

       - Tamar Opler, LCSW, psychotherapist, NYC