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The Extra Ordinary Teacher

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Yoga Teddy Bear Tips for practicing Yoga

1.  Keep breathing.  When possible, breathe through your nose.  Notice when you hold your breath and let it go. 
Try to hold each pose for 3 – 8 long breaths.

2.  Listen to your body. Every body is different.  Get to know yours intimately.  If something hurts, back off.  Understand your limitations and respect them.

3.  Ground yourself.  Every yoga asana begins with the ground.  Be sure your hands and feet are firmly planted and aligned.  Take your time, center yourself, and be deliberate in your motions. 

4.  Warm Up.   Start with your easy poses.  Make sure the room is warm and your breathing is steady.  Focus.  See what your body says before progressing to higher levels.  

 The postures shown here are a core sample of more than 100 yoga postures designed to improve your balance, posture, muscle tone, strength and focus.  For more detailed descriptions about these and other yoga asanas, check out the Yoga Teddy Bear blog, coloring books and animations.