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Yoga Teddy Bear Kids Yoga Coloring Books

The Extra Ordinary Teacher

Yoga Teddy Bear creator K. M. Copham, a visual artist and certified yoga teacher, came up with the idea of a teddy bear teaching yoga while thinking about how to make yoga more accessible and fun for kids and adults alike.

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About Yoga Teddy Bear

Who says a yoga teacher has to be sleek and fit and stylishly clad in Lululemon?  There's a new teacher in town - a teddy bear to be exact! Yoga Teddy Bear is now teaching yoga with an ongoing set of coloring books designed to engage children and adults alike.

The coloring books feature Yoga Teddy Bear with a variety of animals and objects ranging from Downward Dog to Plow to Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.  Get any of our books here or on amazon.com, learn the Sun Salutation in the YouTube video "Hello Sunshine" or download a free coloring page