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- from the Yoga Teddy Bear August blog "Bare Your Toned Arms with Yoga Teddy Bear"

One of the most inspiring and lovable characters of our times offers kids and parents an entertaining and engaging way to learn yoga, body awareness and the world in general.​​  

Yoga Teddy Bear books playfully tap into the imaginative nature of the world to reinforce the fun of learning about your body. Check out our line of cool coloring books and stickers that you can use to win prizes.  Play with our custom yoga mats, snuggle up with our bedtime story book or learn your A - B - Cs through the practice of yoga.  Learning is fun with Yoga Teddy Bear!  

For kids ages 2 to 92!  Find our free coloring App on App store.  Wholesale available.

Practice Yoga with an Extra Ordinary Teacher.

   Reach your hand toward the sky and breathe deeply.